The Daily Self-Reflective Practice

This daily self-reflective practice is the foundation of all the work we do towards achieving emotional self-mastery. It will allow you to quiet the noise of your terrified, angry and emotional mind that your toxic workplace triggers – without sitting in the lotus position and chanting OM! Perfect for the agitated, stressed mind.

The more you can generate a calm and centred space within yourself during periods of intense stress, the better the outcome.


Before going through this bonus Module, make sure you've read and understood The Silence Of Mindfulness PDF, paying particular attention to the following passages:

Part 1: The Problem With Judgement, and:

Part 2: The Skill Of Mindfulness, especially: "The 7 Attitudes Of The Observer."

Daily Self-Reflective Practice Video

There's a 24-minute, audio-only version of this video presentation and you can download it here:

Daily Self-Reflective Practice Video

Daily Self-Reflective Practice Audio-Only Version

*Hint: It's great for listening to in the car or while out and about to consolidate your learning. This is the kind of skill that takes practice to master, so it's worth your while to listen to it a few times to make sure you get all the nuances.

N.B. Clicking on the Audio-Only link will take you to another page with the audio file. Right-click on the page to pull up the menu and select "Save As..." Then see it in the folder you've saved it in, double-click the MP3 file and it will play in your music library which you can then sync with your smart phone / MP3 listening device. 


Our Daily Self-Reflective Practice PDF


Click Here For Your 1-Hour Audio Guide

Here's the step-by-step, one-hour audio guide of Our Daily Self-Reflective Practice MP3 that walks you through the exact steps described in the video above. Download it to your smart phone for use during your daily practice.

Bonus Video: